Fays stamtavla

NORDJCH Middlegate Tinker GBFTCH Tibea Tosh GBFTCH Palgrave Quin GBFTCH Shot of Palgrave GBFTCH Palgrave Edward
Ivyland Tesa
GBFTCH Palgrave Holly Eyebrook Willow
GBFTCH Palgrave Swinbrook Fern
GBFTCH Tibea Topaz GBFTCH Hedenham Park Dash of Philray Dongon The Great
GBFTCH Hedenhampark Holcot Fay
GBFTCH Oday Alice of Tibea GBFTCH Palgrave Edward
Beinmhor Term
GBFTCH Pocklea Tide of Middlegate GBFTCH Breeze of Drakeshead GBFTCH Drakeshead Tinker GBFTCH Swinbrook Tan
Dipper of Drakeshead
Carrington Fay Angleysey Swift
Teal of White Pen Drove
IRLFTCH Drakeshead Gypsy GBFTCH Pocklington Ben Swinbrook Mosquito
GBFTCH Sandringham Magpie
GBFTCH Drakeshead Anna GBFTCH Holdgate Willie
GBFTCH Westead Tan of Drakeshead
SJCH Moorman's Cajun SJCH GBFTCH Haretor Shadow of Drakeshead GBFTCH Haretor Abel of Bellever GBFTCH Stratfieldsaye Dipper GBFTCH Stratfieldsaye Beinnmhor Lomond
Ciddyhayfield Tansy
Sladbrook Twiggy of Haretor Swinbrook Mosquito
Oday Aurora
Haretor Smiler Lugwardine Jasper Jerico Rocket
GBFTCH Holdgate Vesta
Hoodhill Tweed of Haretor GBFTCH Spudtamsons Berry of Mirstan
Hoodhill Moffat
NORDJCH INTJCH Flaxdale Blue-Dun Sandringham Bluff GBFTCH Pocklington Glen GBFTCH Swinbrook Tan
GBFTCH Sandringham Magpie
Sandringham Dipper Hedenhampark Mallard
GBFTCH Sandringham Slipper
Drakeshead Faith GBFTCH Brenjon Dirk of Drakeshead GBFTCH Spudtamsons Berry of Mirstan
GBFTCH Drakeshead Thorne
GBFTCH Westead Tan of Drakeshead GBFTCH Swinbrook Tan
Angeltown's Chalcedory Donna